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4 videos and 28 books and 15 pdf files plus more, are in this page about Chlorine Dioxide ( Clo2 )for Coronavirus: a revolutionary,
simple and effective approach, please let me know if you need any other file or book, all will be placed in member area zone related to clo2 research. None members may E.mail Dr.Homayoun Nobarani . For research proposal you may cotact him as well, in general, however, a research proposal consists of the following elements:  
Background to the topic, significance and research problem.   
Research aims and questions.   
Review of literature.   
Study/project design.   
Expected outcomes/impact.       To write it well you may use below links:
  The Perfect Proposal

   Writing a Winning Research Proposal – Ray Boxman
  Research proposal guidelines
Medical Ethics for research proposal   
 Medical Ethics for research proposal

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